Ilse Artner

geboren am 23.02.1923 in Bozen

gestorben am 25.09.2013 in Italien

Sandra and Carl

Our love to you both, Ilse and Norli.

Julie and Harry Swain

Ulrike Hilborn

Ulrike Hilborn


Niemand ist fort, den man liebt. Liebe ist ewige Gegenwart.

Dr.Ingrid Kurz

Asher and Evan Holling

*** Big squeezing hugs for Omi***

Erica Holling

Sending you love and peaceful energy.

Jamie Holling

Our thoughts are with you.

Chris Holling

Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for Ilse & Norli!


Danke !


Familie H&E Verdino

Liebe Ilse, lieber Norbert, zum Ableben Eurer Mutter unsere tief empfundene Anteilahme. Eine Mutter zu verlieren, die Teil des eigenen Lebens war ist sehr schmerzlich.


Jamie & Erica Holling

Erica and I also send you our love. Our thoughts are with you and Norli -- I wish we could be there with you. Love Jamie


Nancy Holling

Charity and I send our love to you Ilse and Norli. We are so sorry for your loss. Love Nancy


Chris Holling

Norli & Ilse - Condolences and all our best thoughts and love from the Toronto Hollings. I wish I could be with you during this time. Your Mom's determination, independent and love for the two of you was definitely an inspiration for me.